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On-Site Courses

When sufficient student numbers permit, it makes commercial sense to run training venues on-site at your chosen location.

This has many benefits including:

  • Free of charge 1 day customer familiarisation session.

    ftp.webspheresolutions.comwebspheresolutions.com A consultant will either call or visit (your choice),
    in order to establish details about your operational environment, local standards etc.

  • Bespoke training available.

  • Reduced cost in traveling and hotels.

  • Optional lab work based on your environment.

  • Prices are based on a per day consulting fee rather than a per student basis. This price is typically around £1000.00* (GBP) per day. This can be negotiated for new customers and smaller groups.

    * Exclusive of V.A.T. Expenses may apply.




Public Courses

We will very soon be offering a wide range of training courses offered as a public schedule.

This options becomes particularly attractive where you have a low number of students requiring treaining.

Although remember, our very aggressine pricing, makes even on-site training financially viable, even with a low number of students.


End User Training
Are you a company providing technical software to non-technical end users?

If so, we provide a full service of end-user training incorporating:

  • Familiarisation with your product

  • Course development

  • End-user delivery

This leaves your development staff free to do the jobs they do best, develop.